Diaspora Family Healing Network

We exist to build

Bright Futures

for low income immigrant & refugee diaspora families.

Support programs that provide culturally competent mental health services to BIPOC communities across Washington State.

Diaspora Family Healing Network

The Diaspora Family Healing Network (DFHN) is a Greater Seattle based non-profit agency dedicated to assisting historically excluded migrant BIPOC families in Washington State who are disproportionately impacted by racism and mental health disorders.

The term “diaspora” refers to migrant communities who have resettled in the U.S. and have had their identities and sense of belonging profoundly shaped by their migration experience and distinctive cultural background.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which marginalized diasporic families, particularly the women and youth facing mental health challenges, have access to mental health support programs and resources.

What We Do

Workshops, support groups, individual and group counselling, advocacy services, community outreach, youth development and mentorship programs are among the services DFHN creates. 

At DFHN, we are committed to achieving educational justice for BIPOC youth by supporting racial and health equity. 

Our culturally sensitive summer programs are designed to promote meaningful connection, provide transforming care, and raise awareness of ways in which BIPOC families facing mental health challenges can access culturally appropriate resources.


The 2nd Annual Somali Youth Basketball Clinic

Takes place twice a week for 10 weeks.

Somali Youth Basketball Clinic

There will be a Somali Youth Basketball Clinic for children ages 5-13 beginning this Fall 2022, details will be out soon!

Join us in building

Bright Futures

Thanks to generous contributions from individuals and organizations, all programs from DFHN are free of charge.